Top 10 Mysteries of The World That Even Science Can’t Explain

Despite the rapid development of science and technology since the 20th century, it is undeniable that we still face a myriad of mysterious phenomena that are unscientific. What do we know about the weird events that have taken place in various parts of the world?

With the constant growth of the annual rings, everything around us has changed all the time. However, the following ten mysteries are indeed the mysteries of the events. The more the millennium, but so far it is still a mystery.

10. ”The no return” mysterious island

Near Rudolf Lake in Kenya, there is a mysterious island called “Envaitenet”, which means “no return” in the native Aboriginal language. The island is only a few kilometers long and wide, and the locals do not live on the island because they think the place was cursed, and the people who come here will disappear mysteriously and will never go back.

British explorer Vivian Foss led an expedition in 1935 to explore the area, and his two colleagues, Martin Scheverries and Bill Dyson, traveled to this mysterious island first. Five days later, two scientists did not return to the station. Flows dispatched the rescue team to that island, but they didn’t find any sign of Martin’s or Bill’s presence or activity, and there was only a deserted Aboriginal village on the island.


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