Top 10 Best List Worst Cars Ever Made

Like most guys, we appreciate the finer things in life—a good beer, a fine cigar, a sharp ride. But we are not without a sense of humor. Not every ride is sharp, or good. These cars take the cake for horrible design, lack of reliability, and danger. Here’s a look at 10 of the worst cars ever made.

Merkur XR4TI

Sold in the U.S. for a scant 4 years, the Merkur was essentially an American spec European Ford Scorpio. The original two level wing was actually viewed as a positive by the automotive press. The curious XR4Ti actually made the Car and Driver Best List in 1986. But Ford couldn’t leave well enough alone, and they replaced the two level spoiler with a single spoiler that actually increased its coefficient of drag. Nice work. Shortly thereafter, Car and Driver removed the soon to be discontinued Merkur from its 1986 list citing lack of sales.


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