Tip of the Week: Just Relax! How to Help Your Portrait Clients Be More at Ease

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Not sure how to break the ice? Here are a few suggestions for getting the ball rolling:

  • If you’re in a studio, have some music playing. Just make it upbeat – no sad orchestral music from the movies! Better yet, ask your client to play some of their favorite songs on their phone. The better they know the song, the more likely they are to relax and have fun.
  • Try demonstrating poses before asking the client to do so. Sometimes just seeing what you want them to do helps prevent the panic of doing it wrong and looking silly.
  • Speaking of silly, try a few jokes. Everyone from children to the elderly appreciates a good joke!
  • As mentioned above, ask your clients questions. There’s no need to get super deep – just ask about favorite movies, what they do for fun, where they grew up, and other small talk types of things.
  • A fun way to really break the ice is to show your clients some funny or awkward portraits. Nothing relaxes people like a good laugh!

Really, this is all about taking a genuine interest in who your client is. The more you get to know them, the more relaxed they will be, and the better their portraits will be because of it.

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