Tip of the Week: Just Relax! How to Help Your Portrait Clients Be More at Ease

Portrait photography has its challenges, from uncooperative weather to screaming kids to ugly wardrobes clients select for their photos. But a much bigger issue to overcome is getting your clients to take it easy and relax in front of the camera.

Today’s lesson explores a few straightforward solutions to this problem.

Act Like It’s a Date

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When you’re on a first date, you’re hopefully on your game. You’re polite. You’re interesting. You make a concerted effort to learn more about the other person. You ask questions, crack jokes, and make a lot of eye contact.

These tricks work for making your portrait sessions more relaxing too! The more you make yourself a regular human, rather than one with a camera, the more relaxed your clients will be. You might include a short questionnaire with the contract materials, so you’re armed with some information ahead of time. Or, you might rattle off a few questions as you’re setting the mood for the shot.

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