Things to Consider When Buying a Portrait Photography Tripod

If you’re like me, you probably shoot a lot of your portraits while handholding your camera.

However, there is something to be said for tackling portraiture with a tripod-mounted camera – chief among them that it offers your camera a much more stable base for sharper photos.

The question, though, is what portrait photography tripod is best?

Additionally, what features do the best tripods for portraits have?

I address these and other questions in this quick tripod buying guide for portrait photographers.

Consider the Height of the Tripod

tripods for portrait photography image

I’m a tall guy, so I need a tripod that has some length to it, otherwise I’ll be hunched over trying to take portraits all day long.

Ideally, you want your camera’s viewfinder to be at your eye level when your camera is mounted to a tripod.

For me, that means using something like the Sirui 3004X tripod shown below.

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