The 10 Best Steps To A Cleaner Kitchen

There is nothing like a cluttered kitchen filled with piles of dirty crockery and glasses and splattered with food stains to
make you feel depressed. The amount of cleaning needed almost feels overwhelming! But don’t panic – if you follow
these simple tips, keeping your kitchen clean should become a simple and easy task.

Step 1

Before tackling anything, first make sure that you assemble all the necessary supplies and equipment as looking for these things later will not only make the process take longer but may also distract you and make you forget vital tasks. Things you will need will include:

• All-Purpose cleaner or kitchen cleaner

• Sponges, cleaning cloths and scrubbers

• Paper towels,

• Rubber gloves

• Oven cleaner

• Dishwashing detergent

• Brush & dustpan

• Vacuum cleaner

• Mop & mop bucket

• Mopping solution for your floor type

Step 2

Fill your sink with a solution of hot water and dishwashing detergent. If you have a doublesink, then make sure that you use the side that does not contain the disposal unit, as you may need this for getting rid of left-overs and other rubbish later on.


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