The 10 Best Online Masters in Data Science Degree Programs

Our society is relying more and more on data every day. And with that reliance comes the need for data-driven people with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness high volume data, solve crucial business problems, and offer insights to support effective business decisions. In brief, data analytics/business intelligence is the standard for information processing in today’s techno-centric culture.

From commercial to non-profit industries, the use of information technology and the need for statistical analysis continues to expand, and, along with that growth, comes a need for individuals with advanced training. A data scientist/analyst is expected to know everything related to data access, management, manipulation, and analysis. With a deeper understanding and a more effective utilization of data, organizations across the board can then improve performance and secure competitive advantages. Consequently, data scientist has been rated the “Best Job in America for 2016” by and the title is so in-demand that you may want to enter this high-opportunity field as soon as possible.

With a Master’s in Analytics, you will not only acquire the analytical skills to analyze big data, but also the specialized technical skillsets needed for industry-specific applications. The programs selected herein share an industry-defined core curriculum and offer a host of flexible course options such as different concentrations and/or graduates certificates. Most importantly, a degree in data science/analytics promises employers that students understand the important logical framework for solving complex problems unique to the data-to-information pipeline.

Finally, career prospects for the industry are phenomenal, with major consulting firm McKinsey Global Institute predicting millions of unfilled positions around the world by 2018. For your convenience, we have gathered some of the most cost-effective, prestigious, and flexible online masters in data analytics.


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