The 10 Best European Destinations for Your Money

With the U.S. dollar strong and summer transatlantic airfares at record lows, it’s an excellent time to plan your next European holiday. The continent’s best destinations, ranked below, deliver a rich mix of restaurants and attractions, easy public transit and low crime rates, with relatively modest prices for lodging, food, and airfare from the United States. (For more travel inspiration, check out all 17 of the top destinations named in MONEY’s 2017 Best in Travel.)

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Split in half by the Vltava river, Prague is a city of charm and beauty, with a stunning skyline dotted with modern and medieval spires. And getting there is fairly affordable. Flights to Prague are down 7% over the past year, according to flight booking app Hopper. The average cost from the U.S. is about $950.

To delve into Prague’s culture, start with the food. Taste of Prague offers food tours of the city (starting at $100 per person) that showcase both traditional dishes and emerging trends.

Hotel prices won’t break the bank; they’ve held steady over the past year at an average of $132 a night, according to’s Hotel Price Index. That’s about 17% less than the average price to stay in a European city. Near the center of Old Town, the Unitas Hotel, housed in a former convent, offers a quiet retreat; doubles are around $175 a night in summer.

2. Paris, France

It may come as little surprise that the French capital makes our list for its culture (there are more than 215 museums) and food (Paris has around 16,000 cafés and restaurants)—but for affordability? Thank a falling exchange rate and cheaper airfares. The average fare from the U.S. is down 21%, falling from $937 in 2016 to $740 this year, according to Hopper. Even your stay will be cheaper, with hotel rates down 14%, reports

While the central districts continue to draw travelers for their timeless attractions, the outer arrondissements are also getting attention for their charm and great values. Stay in the 18th, where streets are lined with cheese shops, bakeries, and flower stands. At the Hotel Regyn, rooms with big windows—some overlooking Sacre Coeur Basilica—range from $90 to $107 a night. Around the corner, snag a table for the $21 brunch at Les Lèvres Rouges, a farm-to-table bistro with a devoted local following.


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