The 10 Best Casio G-Shock Watches 2020

The G-Central Top 10 is a list of the overall best G-Shock watches for 2020. The criteria for ranking include features, style, value, and popularity. This list is ever-evolving and regularly updated to include some of the most current G-Shock releases. We’ve included a wide range of G-Shock models with a variety of features and styles to help you find the best G-Shock watch that fits your needs.

Why Buy A G-Shock? Casio G-Shock watches are widely regarded as the toughest watches in the world, and every G-Shock model is designed to take an extreme amount of abuse that would render most other watches broken and useless. The raised bezels of G-Shock watches provide impact protection, and the superb 200-meter water resistance allows G-Shock watches to be used for any activity in any environment. The quartz movement of a G-Shock is highly accurate, and some models are equipped with automatic time syncing features that ensure precise accuracy on a daily basis.

The basic features like the stopwatch and timer are useful in everyday life, and more advanced features are available for specific outdoor activities. G-Shock watches generally don’t need any maintenance and can be trusted to operate as intended. Not only are G-Shock watches extremely durable and practical, they also offer a rugged style that is unmatched by other brands. In addition to making useful tool watches, G-Shock has evolved into a popular streetwear fashion brand that offers a large variety of unique timepieces.

10. G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-800 Training Watch

Casio G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-800

The best G-Shock for running and fitness

The GBD-800 is part of the G-SQUAD line of fitness-oriented watches and has unique features like Bluetooth mobile connectivity, a pedometer, and specialized stopwatch and timer functions. For those looking to be more active, the Step Tracker allows a daily goal to be set with a step goal progress display and a step count graph for the past 11 hours. Serious runners will find the stopwatch target time (with 10 settable target times) and 200-record lap memory (with date and lap/split times) useful in achieving new personal bests. Interval training is also possible with the programmable timer (with 5 sets repeatable up to 10 times).

Those who desire the most accurate timekeeping will find the watch’s Bluetooth feature useful, as the automatic time adjustment feature will sync the time through a smartphone four times per day. This is the most affordable G-Shock watch with Bluetooth connectivity, and it is a mid-size G-Shock suitable for men and women. The G-SQUAD line is also available in an analog-digital version with the GBA-800 series, but those who plan to use the stopwatch and timer frequently should opt for the larger digital display of the GBD-800.

PROS: Bluetooth mobile connectivity, step counter, specialized stopwatch and interval timer features, lap memory
CONS: Not solar
BEST FOR: Running, walking, fitness, athletic training


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