The 10 Best and Most Useful Apps for the Apple Watch For Runners

In order to really make your Apple Watch useful, you need to find the best apps for your life and put them to use. Adding an Apple Watch to your wrist can have a huge impact on your productivity, and provide useful information always a glance away. With the ability to do everything from control devices in your home to complete work-related tasks on your wrist watch, this powerful Apple device can easily be underestimated until you start exploring available applications75. Check out our collection of the 10 best apps for the Apple Watch to see which ones you’ll be adding to your smart watch:

Running App: Runtastic331

Apple Watch Running App
This is an excellent alternative to the built in fitness app. Track your runs and hikes in real-time with built-in GPS. Runtastic can also access heart rate data along while displaying details of your run on the watch.

Workout Assistant: Sworkit828

Apple Watch workout appIf part of being productive includes exercising on a regular basis, the Sworkit app is a must-download for your Apple Watch. This fabulous fitness app guides you through a variety of exercise routines, helps you track your calories burned, analyses your heart’s beats-per-minute, and times your workouts too.

Sleep Tracking: Sleep Pulse 2 Motion3.1k

Apple Watch Sleep TrackerIf you want to improve your productivity during the day, ensuring you get plenty of sleep at night is essential. The Sleep Pulse 2 Motion app from Spencer Brown is one of the best sleep trackers for Apple Watch and will track your sleep cycles and heart rate rhythm to better understand your sleeping patterns. Features include motion graphs, time tracking for sleep periods, sleep rating (light/deep), and goal tracking.


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