Tesla Model S Owners Just Asked For 5 More Updates

Model S owners responded in the TESLA MODEL S Owners Club on Facebook requesting 5 more updates. I think they are useful and could be handy. Here are those five update requests from Tesla Model S owners and I would like to hear from you what you think about them. Are there any other updates you would like to see in your Tesla coming soon?

1. Fix The Streaming Service

Tesla Model S owners say they love Tesla, but the streaming needs some help – since a long time. They add that tt’s the only bad thing about the car. They must be using outdated mobile broadband cards or something. “It worked well for both of our Tesla’s until about 6 months ago, it just does not get better, no matter what update they push through, comments Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. “I’ve only had my car for 3 weeks, so my experience has been awful so far in that area,” writes Hector Welsh referring to Tesla’s streaming service.

2. Dashcam Requests

Tesla owners want to be able to do certain things with their dashcams. They want to be able access, view, download and etc. the video from from their dashcams anytime. Otherwise, they say the use may be limited and standard. One thing related to the dashcams is that they also want to know how valet parking people treat their cars.


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