Steam vs. Epic Games Store: Which Is Best?

Steam’s dominance as the go-to platform for PC games has faced a few challengers over the years—but the Epic Games Store is one of the biggest and best contenders for the crown. But which digital platform is better?

In this article, we pit Steam vs. Epic Games Store, taking a look at different aspects of these two stores, from their user interfaces to game prices. Here’s how each measures up across different categories…

What Is the Epic Games Store?

Epic Games Store window

The Epic Games Store is a digital PC game storefront launched by video game company Epic Games—most notably known for creating the Unreal Engine and Fortnite. The store launched in December 2018, built off the Epic Games launcher. As such, the Epic Games Store can be accessed as standalone software or as a website.

Unlike most other storefronts launched by game publishers, the platform is not only limited to titles from Epic Games. The store provides a variety of timed exclusives, notable indie games, and a few AAA titles.

It also features social functionality such as a friends list and chat. Other features include a games library and a news stream.

Visit: Epic Games Store

What Is the Steam Store?

Steam Store front page

Steam is a digital PC game distribution and streaming platform created by Valve Software, the creators of games such as Left 4 Dead and Dota. Valve also created the Source game engine.


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