Practical Tips for Improving Your Maternity Photography

Taking gorgeous maternity photos obviously requires the skill and talent to utilize your camera and other gear to get high-quality shots.

It also requires that you have a deep understanding of things like styling, color theory, post-processing, and a host of other factors that influence how the photos look.

But there are plenty of practical things to bear in mind that can greatly influence how your maternity photos turn out.

That being the case, here are a few practical maternity photography tips to help you maximize the quality of your images.

Maternity Photography Tip: Include Siblings


One thing I like to do when I take maternity photos is to include siblings in the photos.

It can be hard for some kids to share the spotlight once their new baby brother or sister is born, so including them in the maternity photo shoot is a great way to make them feel special.

Besides, it also gives you the chance to photograph the mom-to-be with her baby bump and her older children and highlight the love between them.

A good plan when photographing siblings is to put your camera in burst mode. That will allow you to capture some fun candid shots between takes, and since little ones are often very animated and on the move, you might be able to get some truly magical photos of unscripted hugs, kisses, smiles, and laughs.

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