Posing Tips and Tricks for Improved Portraits

Whether someone approaches you to take their portrait for school, work, or some other purpose, your primary goal is to make that person look good, and as a consequence, feel good as well. Part of making clients look their best is understanding how to pose them and how to angle the camera such that you can get the best portrait possible.

To help you improve the portraits you create, we’ve put together a list of simple tips and tricks that will maximize your effectiveness while putting your clients in a position to get the best portrait possible. Let’s begin!

Lean In

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To minimize the appearance of weight and to reduce the likelihood of a double chin, have your client lean toward you from the waist. Doing so allows you to have a higher angle for the shot, avoiding the underside of their chin altogether. Additionally, by leaning forward, the client will exude confidence and appear more active, as though they are coming towards the camera, if ever so slightly.

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