MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

Our MPhil (Master of Philosophy) provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to explore topics across history and philosophy of science and medicine, laying deep foundations for further study, work and public involvement.

All assessment is based on submitted writing – there are no courses or modules to complete. This allows room for independent growth in different directions, a feature of the MPhil that distinguishes our programme from those at other universities and that our students regularly praise.

Choose from a wide range of topics

History and philosophy of science and medicine is a large research area spanning centuries, cultures and sciences.

Some students come with a specific list of topics and work on them through the year; others adjust or change their plans. Some specialise right away in either history (of a period or of a science) or philosophy. Others mix and match, trying out different skills in each piece of submitted work. Many students research objects in the Whipple Museum of History of Science, making discoveries and later publishing their work.


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