How to Take Portraits at Golden Hour

If you’ve read any photography tutorials about portrait photography before, you know that golden hour is the ideal time of day for most portraits.

With its soft, warm light, golden hour provides you an opportunity to do all sorts of things with your portraits, from nice, even lighting for headshots to beautiful backlighting for half-body and full-body shots, and everything in between.

In the video above, Jessica Kobeissi shares a few top tips on how to take portraits at golden hour, more specifically, beautiful backlit portraits.

These are simple, straightforward tips, but they can have a profound impact on the quality of your photos!

How to Take Portraits at Golden Hour: Position the Model

how to take portraits at golden hour image

Clearly, to backlight a portrait you need the sun to be directly behind the model.

That means that your first step in creating a backlit portrait is to position the model such that the sun is directly behind them.

This allows the soft, warm light of golden hour to illuminate the model – particularly their hair – in a way that makes the shot warm and glowing, as seen above.

Notice how the sun is completely masked by the model’s body. This is important because it prevents sun streaks from appearing in the shot.

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