How to Take A Stunning Panorama for Mobile Photography

When creating a breath taking panorama for mobile photography there are many simple tips to get great pictures.  Panoramas may automatically be assumed that the image will be horizontal or vertical. There are many different ways you can use panoramic photos to improve your photography. Before cell phones and digital photography, panoramic photos were made by aligning printed versions of film as close as possible. It was very difficult to create great images. With your cell phone, it is easy to create fantastic looking panoramas in the camera.

Panorama Smartphone image

Types of Panorama for Mobile Photography

There a few types of panorama for mobile photography. First of all, to improve your skills try different types of panoramas to improve your mobile photography. Here is a list of six ways you can take a panorama on your phone.

  • Horizontal– Create an image by opening the panorama option and moving from left to right.   This type of image is great for landscape photography. You can switch the direction by tapping on the arrow.
  • Vertical- Capture the height of an object by taking a shot from starting at the bottom and then panning to the top.  Show the vast expanse of buildings with this type of image. To get a stunning panorama for mobile photography start at ground level and pan up toward the sky.
  • Wide angle- Look like an expanded wide angle photograph. The image covers less than 180 degrees.
  • 180 Degree- Are images that cover 180 degrees from left to right. This image gives you a wide expansive view of a large area.
  • 360-degree- Take very wide images and cover the whole area of a scene for super wide image.
  • Spherical- 360-degree panoramas are an above image and are converted into a circle image. They can be called spherical images or tiny worlds. The best way to create one of these images is through an app.

Tips for Great Panoramas

Southern Utah Panorama Mobile Photography

Take a Practice Shot

You can do this by taping on the “pano” or “panoramic” option on your mobile phone. To take the images hold your phone horizontal in landscape mode then shoot. You will see an arrow facing the direction to pan the image. Also, hold the phone continuously in a straight line when taking the picture. Due to many challenges taking a panorama for mobile photography can be tricky. Problems like motion blur, arm movement can quickly destroy an image. Taking a practice shot will help you reduce potential problems.


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