How to Set Up Your New Android Phone

If you just bought a new Android phone, congratulations! You’re about to experience the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Android lets you customize nearly any aspect of your device that you like, has a beautiful Material Design aesthetic, and has millions of awesome apps ready to download.

But if you’re new to Android or haven’t set up a new phone in a while, you might be a bit lost on how to set it up correctly. Let’s walk through the setup process together, along with a few other tips you should consider when you’re getting your device ready.

Note that we’ve already covered the bare basics and essential beginner tips for using Android. This guide will cover the initial setup, while those guides on general use teach you how to master your device. As always, these steps may differ slightly depending on your device because of the ways hardware makers customize Android.

Walking Through the Initial Setup

So you’ve just come home with your Android phone and you need to set it up. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Insert the SIM Card (and Battery)

The SIM card is what connects your device to your carrier’s network. Check the box for a tiny, thumbnail-sized card and look for the Quick Setup guide to find where it goes in your particular device.

Typically, you’ll find either a cover that pops off with your nail, or a pinhole that you have to insert a small tool into to open the SIM slot. Other devices may have the SIM inside the battery compartment if the battery is removable. Simply push the SIM card in until it’s secured (or drop it in the tray if that’s what your device has), and you’ve installed it!


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