How to Master the iPhone App Store’s Settings

Adding, Editing, and Removing Payment Methods

If you want to buy anything through the App Store or iTunes, you’ll need a payment method. You can add, edit, or remove a credit card or PayPal account through Payment Information.

Apple won’t charge your card until you actually make a purchase; it’s just safely stored in case you need it. If you want to remove your payment method, you can select None.

Below the payment information, you can change your App Store country or region. If you move to a new region or locale, you will need it to match your address.

Removing App Reviews and Managing Subscriptions

Have you left ratings and reviews on certain apps? If so, you can remove that rating or review later. For example, if an to an app update has tarnished your opinion of it or you don’t use it anymore, you can delete the rating.

To manage your app subscriptions, tap Subscriptions on the Account Settings page. Here you can check both active and expired subscriptions and change them as needed.

Viewing Purchase History and Unhiding Apps

Earlier we pointed out that you can view your App Store purchases from your Account page. If you want more detailed breakdown of your purchases, you should check out your Purchase History on the Account Settings page. Here you can view full information in case you need to submit a screenshot for proof of purchase.

If you want to sort your apps by date, you can tap Last 90 Days for a full breakdown by year.

Next in the Account Settings is Hidden Purchases, where you can supposedly “[u]nhide purchases that you have previously hidden.” It doesn’t appear as straightforward as that, though. There’s no clear way on how to actually unhide a hidden app. You can certainly download it again if you want, but it will still remain hidden.

Rounding out the App Store settings are three items. You can remove your device from automatic downloads (such as apps, updates, and music) or previously downloaded content on other devices associated with your Apple ID.

If you want to add money to your iTunes Pass (so you can buy movies and other media), simply show the QR code to a cashier at a participating retailer. Finally, you can manage iTunes newsletters and special offers.

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