How to Improve Posing for Portraits

When people think of portrait photography, I think there’s a tendency to think that it’s a lot simpler than it actually is.

I mean, besides needing to have the fundamentals of lighting, camera settings, and composition down pat, for a great portrait, you also need to understand how to pose people for portraits. That’s the hard part.

If you aren’t sure how to go about posing for portraits, consider the following portrait photography tips to help you out.

Make Sure Their Legs Aren’t Locked


A common occurrence when people are self-conscious or nervous about having their portrait taken is for them to lock their legs.

Not only is this uncomfortable to do, but it also looks uncomfortable – your model will look stiff as a board with very little in the way of liveliness in their body.

Now, this isn’t to say that your model should be all loosy-goosy, but simply helping them to unlock their legs will result in a much more relaxed pose.

In the image above, asking the model to bend her right leg and shift her weight to her left leg helps her entire body relax. The result? A natural pose that has much more visual appeal than if she were standing there with stick-straight legs.

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