How to get the most out of your Apple Watch’s face with third-party complications

The Apple Watch is an impressive device-if you know how to use it. Find out how complications let you get the most important info just by raising your wrist.

Apple Watch Sport

Apple’s WatchOS 3 is coming in just a few months, but that doesn’t mean you should keep living with a smartwatch that doesn’t give you everything you want. Whether you’re traveling for business, working at the office, or trying to unburden your brain on the weekends, the Apple Watch can do it–with a bit of setup.

I love my Apple Watch. I’ve had it for around a year now, and I finally have my homescreen configured to deliver all the info I want without having to press a single button. Granted, my wants are simple: I need the local weather WITH humidity, the date, my battery level, and my activity levels for the day.

Your needs may vary, but make no mistake: there are plenty of ways to get what you want right on your watchface.


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