How to Boost Your Body Image Through Yoga

Yoga has countless physical benefits, from stretching and strengthening the muscles, to mobilizing the joints and the spine — but the benefits of yoga can transcend the physical body. A great teacher will delve beyond the postures to help students access the mental and emotional benefits yoga can offer.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching yoga is the opportunity to inspire my students to live their absolute best life! I want to awaken people to their full potential and empower them to love themselves.

The only thing holding us back from embracing everything about ourselves is our own limited thinking. We must move through life (as we move on the mat) with purpose, intention, and boldness. This begins by being confident in our own skin.

Yoga helps us live in the moment and be content with exactly who we are.

As you grow and evolve, even if you haven’t quite reached your physical goals, you can — and must — love your body for what it is: a strong, flexible and powerful vehicle to house your dynamic and omnipotent spirit.

Here are 8 ways you can help boost your body image through yoga

1. Honor yourself during practice with these two poses

Begin your practice on your back drawing your knees into your chest. Take a moment to thank your body for all the incredible things it does for you. This pose also stretches the low back and hips and massages your sacrum, so enjoy it!


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