Easy Maternity Photography Composition Tips

First of all, let me say that though the maternity photography composition tips I outline below are easy, there is little else that’s easy about maternity photography.

Not every pregnant woman you photograph will feel awesome on the day of the shoot. Not every pregnant woman will be able to contort herself into whatever pose you want her to be in, either.

There will be aches and pains, swollen feet, and tired faces, too.

But your job is to help your client forget all those things even if for a few moments, and in those few moments, help her feel beautifuland take gorgeous photos of her.

Here’s a few things that will help you do just that.

Portrait Photography Tip: Consider the Angle of View


Some women love how they look when they’re pregnant and wear the extra weight very well.

In those situations, a good maternity photography tip is to compose the portrait straight on at her eye level.

As is the case in the image above, this composition puts the model’s face and body front and center in the shot.

Notice how the camera level is right at the eye level of the model so she can look right down the barrel of the lens for a confident and beautiful photo.

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