Creative Portrait Ideas Anyone Can Try

If you ask me, half the battle of taking a great portrait is simply coming up with creative portrait ideas.

Yet, for some reason, new photographers, in particular, can have difficulty envisioning how to compose a portrait that not only makes the subject look beautiful but is also unique, too.

There’s tons of inspiration out there for portrait photography, including the PhotographyTalk galleries, YouTube, Instagram, and other online sources.

But instead of sending you out into the big bad world of the internet to try to find ideas on your own, here’s a few portrait photography tips that anyone can try.

Try a Dark Background


Dark is dramatic, as far as I’m concerned…

As you can see in the example above, placing this couple in front of a dark background resulted in quite a compelling portrait.

This works for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the dark, uniform background does what it’s supposed to do – provide a clean backdrop for the portrait.

Yes, the color is dark and dramatic, but by using an otherwise plain background, the photographer is able to draw our attention to the couple and keep it there.

How to make it more creative: The soft, diffused light that was used to illuminate the couple also makes this a successful image, with soft highlights and delicate shadows that give the portrait tons of depth while offering a nice contrast with the muted background.

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