Creative Outdoor Maternity Photo Shoot Tips You Can Use Right Now

Ask any photographer, and I’m betting that the majority of them will tell you that outdoor shoots are more fun.

It makes sense – you get to be out in the sunshine and in the fresh air, hopefully at a location that provides a gorgeous backdrop for your portraits.

It’s a recipe for great photos and for having fun, which also helps in creating a beautiful portrait.

But if you ask me, I think too many maternity photographers keep things indoors.

Now, don’t get me wrong – indoor shots can be wonderful.

But I wonder why there aren’t more outdoor maternity photo shoots.

Maybe it’s because photographers think a pregnant mom doesn’t want to drive all over the place from one shoot location to the next…

Whatever the reason, there’s a case to be made for making more outdoor maternity portraits.

Here are a few creative ideas for getting better results when you take your client outside for her portrait shoot.

Simplicity is Key


Remember, the point of the photos you create is to show off mom, her baby bump, and her partner or other children.

When you head outdoors, that can be a little hard to pull off, simply because there’s so many colors, textures, shapes, and good light (hopefully!) to tantalize your eye.

But the more details you stuff into the shot, the less prominent your client will be – and that’s definitely not what you want.

When shooting outdoors, strive to maintain an air of simplicity in the shot. That doesn’t mean you should put the mom-to-be in front of a boring background, either.

All it means is that you need to get creative with how you frame the shot to ensure all eyes are on mom.

For example, if there’s a little too much background interest happening, shoot with a wider aperture to ensure the background is nicely blurred.

If you feel that mom is getting lost in the space of the shot, simply move forward a few steps to make her appear larger in the frame.

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