Convincing Alien Abduction Stories :The 10 Most Well Documented Cases

Stories of UFO sightings and alien encounters have been around since the ancient times. These cases became so phenomenal that they led to the creation of a pseudoscientific field of study known as Ufology. Although there are many skeptics who think that these encounters are just made up by people who are desperate for attention, it can’t be denied that some of these cases are well-documented and detailed. Listed below are ten of the most convincing alien abduction stories.

The 10 Most Well Documented Alien Abduction Stories:

10. The Allagash Abductions (1976)

Allagash Abductions

Retired medical artist Charles Foltz painted this depiction of the famed Allagash Abductions, which he claims took place in 1976 on Big Eagle Lake on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. (Image courtesy of Charles Foltz for SJVT / FhF).

In August 1976, four artists were on a camping trip near Allagash, Maine when they suddenly spotted a glowing orb hovering over the trees. Jim Weiner, Jack Weiner, Charles Foltz, and Charles Rak were night fishing in a canoe when they spotted the orb. As it slowly moved towards them, the four men panicked and paddled towards the bank as fast as they could. A blinding light suddenly beamed at them, and the next thing they knew, they were already standing in the bank, with no memories or whatsoever of what happened.

They began to have nightmares afterwards, which they believed to be recollections of their abduction. They dreamt of being examined by beings with long necks and large heads. The four of them went through regressive hypnosis and lie detector tests, which they all passed. Rak would later on retract his recollections during the hypnosis saying, “The reason I supported the story at first was because I wanted to make money.” He claimed, however, that they really did see strange lights during their camping trip.

9. Jesse Long (1957)

Jesse Long claims that he was first abducted by aliens in 1957, when he was just five years old. The aliens conducted experiments on him, which became more painful and traumatic as time passed by. He claimed that they placed a foreign object on his leg that remained with him for 34 years. It was eventually removed and sent for further research at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas. The laboratory report stated that the object had unique characteristics which cannot be explained.

According to Long, he was abducted multiple times over the years and was even forced to crossbreed with a female alien. He was driving to New Orleans in 1990 when a light appeared to bring him inside an alien craft. He was presented with a baby and was told “This is your child.” Nine other children stood along the hallway and he knew right away that they were his children.

8. Frederick Valentich (1978)

Frederick Valentich was an aspiring pilot who was on a training flight off the south-east coast of Australia when he mysteriously disappeared. During his flight, Valentich radioed Melbourne’s Air Traffic Control to report that he’s being approached from the east by an unidentified craft which was emitting a bright light. The transmission was suddenly interrupted by strange, metallic sounds. An intensive search was carried out which encompassed over 1,000 square miles, but no trace of Valentich was ever found.

The young pilot was described as a ‘flying saucer enthusiast’, which led investigators to believe that his disappearance was probably staged. However, numerous reports have stated that there have been UFO sightings in Australia on the night of Valentich’s disappearance.


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