Best Yoga Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Effect of Sattvic Diet on Mind

  • Consumption of Sattvic meal leads to truthful thoughts and actions.
  • Such eating habits have positive results such as truth, wisdom, the sharpness of intelligence, peace, stability, and seriousness of mind, purity of heart, the simplicity of mind, joy and happiness.
  • Moderation and tolerance development.
  • The body remains healthy without having any disorder.
  • There is purity in the mind.
  • The sattvic yoga diet plan is also helpful in weight loss.

Rajasic Food

Such food items that are acidic, hot, spicy, and fried in oil, ghee, etc. Hot spices, tobacco, tea, and coffee all fall under the category of Rajasic food. This type of food makes the process of our body intensely intense, which causes excessive circulation of the Prana in the body which is not good for a yogi and also for a normal human. According to the Bhagavad Gita, a diet containing bitter, sour, salts produces sorrow in our body.

Effect of Rajasic Food on Mind

  • The result of Rajasic food is mind’s restlessness, jealousy in behavior, the introduction of hatred and quarrels, rigidity and pain, tension and sadness results in speech.
  • This type of diet gives birth to anger, excitement, and desires.
  • The mind remains playful.
  • There is a feeling of heaviness in the body.
  • The mind is not able to concentrate.

Tamasic Food

The food that has been cooked long ago, it is non-juicy, it’s impure, it is called tamasic food. Garlic onions also come under tamasic food. Food items that are stale or partially rotten. Meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, stale food and packed food also comes in the Tamasic food category.

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