Best Recipe Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

Savory, crunchy, nutty, sweet and creamy all in one bite. You got it! How can all of these amazing things happen at one time? It’s all mixed in a luxurious curried chicken salad sandwich, oh yea!

Do you need a quick lunch or meal prep idea, or have a big party coming up? This lightened-up chicken salad is one delicious solution known as comfort food. Lean sauteed chicken breast is seasoned with earthy spices, Greek yogurt and tossed with fresh ingredients to make each bite satisfying and irresistible.

curried chicken salad ingredients in a bowl before being mixed

Pad Thai

You know a recipe is going to be yummy when the elements combined look like a rainbow! It means that you are getting more nutrients in each bite, and that’s always a good thing. Everything in this chicken salad sandwich recipe has a purpose so that you have the best eating experience; flavor, color, texture, and nutrition.

Chicken breast is an excellent source of protein that is low in fat and easy to prepare. I sauteed the chicken breasts, but you can bake, grill or use roasted chicken. If you’re looking to turn a leftover cooked chicken into a meal, this is the perfect recipe for you!

two hands holding forks and mixing together ingredients in a bowl

The magic is in the curry yogurt dressing. A little bit of curry powder goes a long way and adds an earthy and fragrant aroma to the chicken salad. Instead of thick mayonnaise, I used protein-packed plain nonfat Greek yogurt to give the creamy mouth-feel.

Some brands sell whole milk Greek yogurt if you’re missing the richness from mayo but want your meal to be healthier. The recipe gives just enough dressing to coat the ingredients. If you want an even creamier salad, double the curry, yogurt, and salt for the dressing and add as much as you like!

close up of curried chicken salad in a bowl

Grab me a fork. I’m ready to dig in! The crisp celery and red onions enhance the savory curry powder while the crisp apples and dried fruit add a hint of natural sweetness and balance the tang of the yogurt. Don’t forget those lovely chopped cashews!

I know what you’re thinking, how can I get one of these sandwiches air shipped, pronto! I would totally send you one if I could, but this curried chicken salad sandwich recipe is so easy to make that you’ll have everyone noshing even before I had the chance to hit the post office. Pinky swear!


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