Best 6 JavaScript Frameworks Worth Learning

JavaScript frameworks are tools you can use to automate tasks on a website and improve general user experience (UX). They also offer faster and more efficient ways of developing websites by providing highly scalable and customizable components and modules to suit any app you want to build.

Although if you’re a newcomer, jumping into JavaScript frameworks might be too technical for you, knowing more about them to make a potential choice is worth it. However, if you’ve been coding vanilla JavaScript for a while, it might just be high time you added some of these frameworks to your skillset.

So, for learning purposes, let’s take a look at a few JavaScript frameworks you can pick up as a beginner.

1. Vue.js

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework for building single-page applications (SPAs). It’s a reactive framework that you can plug into an existing server-side language with minimum effort. If you’re more interested in building progressive web apps (PWAs), then you might want to consider picking up Vue.

Vue comes with a command-line interface (CLI), which makes it easy to either add it to an existing project or start building one from the ground up. When executing a project with Vue, you can either install it via the npm install method or connect to its content delivery network (CDN) directly.

With Vue, you can separate your DOM elements and treat them as separate entities in different files. Each entity then has its own CSS and JavaScript components.

However, you can also develop your app more conventionally by linking a whole DOM with its JavaScript and CSS file and connecting to Vue’s CDN.

In essence, if you’re plugging Vue into an app, all you need do is connect to its CDN and then link an existing DOM with the Vue instance. This way, you get to choose the parts of your project that uses Vue technology while leaving others out.

Building apps with Vue is seamless. The responsive Vue community, coupled with its detailed docs and stepwise tutorials, make it highly beginner-friendly and easy to comprehend.


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