Best 10 Tips For Taking Stunning Landscape Photos With Your iPhone

Have you ever taken an iPhone photo of a stunning view, but for some reason the photo didn’t work out as you expected? Most iPhone photographers have had that experience, because the views that look great in real life don’t necessarily result in great landscape photos.


On the other hand, even an average landscape can be turned into a spectacular photograph if you know how to take full advantage of each photo opportunity. In this article you’re going to discover 10 simple and powerful tips for taking stunning landscape photos with your iPhone.

1. Include details in the foreground

Including interesting details in the foreground is probably the easiest way to improve your iPhone landscape photos. However, this is counterintuitive to most people. After all, they want to take a photo of the stunning view in the background, so why worry about the foreground?

Blogpost: 10 Tips For Taking Stunning Landscape Photos With Your iPhone - Emil Pakarklis

To give you an example, in real life the mountain in the background looks a lot more impressive than the simple tree in the foreground. However, taking a photo of the mountain alone would result in a flat landscape photo where all the subjects are located far in the background.


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