Best 10 Essential Landscape Photography Composition Tips For Better Shots

Capturing a nice landscape photo requires more than just pointing and shooting a camera. You can have the most advanced camera on the market, but if you don’t know how to properly compose a shot, your photos will lack artistic perspective and professional quality.

Fortunately, with practice, these composition techniques and photography tips will help you become a pro at composing and shooting beautiful landscape shots.

1. Use The Rule Of Thirds

One of the first landscape photography composition rules everyone learns is the Rule of Thirds. By placing your subject off center in your frame, you create more interest for your viewer.

Use either the top and bottom or left and right grid lines as a guide. Or you can also use any of these intersecting lines for better photography composition and framing.

2. Place Something Interesting In Your Foreground

Placing something interesting in the foreground of your frame is one of the quickest ways to create more impact in your nature photography composition. It gives the viewer’s eyes a starting place from which they can be drawn further into your photograph.

To make a really big impact, you can use hyperfocal distance to make everything from the foreground to the back of your frame in tack sharp focus. This will make the viewer feel like they can walk right into your photo.


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