Best 10 Apple Watch Apps That Don’t Need an iPhone Nearby

3. Chirp for Twitter

Chirp Apple Watch

If you can’t get enough of social media, Chirp for Twitter is a great way to see what’s happening from your wrist. For an Apple Watch app, Chirp is surprisingly full-featured and capable without an iPhone nearby. You can browse your Twitter timeline and see videos, images, mentions, and other hallmarks of the platform.

It’s also easy to view your mentions and even search for a specific phrase. And you can even compose a tweet or view and respond to direct messages using Scribble or voice dictation. The app’s complication can also show you the latest tweet from your timeline on a watch face.

While you can download the app for free, an in-app purchase is required to unlock all of these features.

4. Things 3

Things 3 Apple Watch

Things 3 powers up the usual to-do list and is made to help you accomplish more. The Apple Watch app is completely independent of an iPhone and brings all of your to-dos to a smaller screen. Using the app, you can see the Today list, mark items complete, and even create new to-dos with Scribble or voice dictation. And all of the activity on your watch will automatically sync to your iPhone the next time it’s nearby.

There’s no need to open the app to see your to-do list as there are a number of complications that show items you need to complete on your watch face.

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