Aston Martin Pioneers The World’s First Reversible EV Swap For Classic Cars

So you’ve made it big. You’re living in a particularly posh part of London and you’ve got a classic Aston to ferry you between appointments with tailors and fund managers whenever Jeeves is on holiday. It’s just too bad that the writing’s on the wall:

more and more city centers are banning gasoline-powered cars in favor of human-or-battery-powered means of transportation, and there are already some hefty fees levied on internal combustion in the run-up to our all but inevitable future of silent driving. You could go out and find a shop that will cut up your pride and joy and excise its heart in favor of some jerry-rigged batteries, but then there’s no going back. Unless you take it to Aston Martin directly.

In a press release earlier today, the British automaker announced that in the wake of its modern EV engineering projects like the Rapide E, they are testing a program of reversible conversions for classics under Aston Martin Works’ Heritage EV department. In other words, they will soon offer—for no measly fee I’m sure—a service wherein an “EV Cassette” of batteries are fitted in place of the standard engine and transmission, but Aston says the whole thing will be reversible. To me, this is the crucial bit, the ability to go back.

Using the standard engine and transmission mounting points, the company’s novel solution is to create a more or less plug-and-play swap with minimal modifications—the batteries are all contained in a neat package that requires no cutting to fit, and the Cassette features what Aston is calling—weirdly—”umbilical cords” that are easily routed to power the original electrical components.


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