Algorithm: The Behind The Scenes of Our Lives

Almost everything in life is done with a specific pattern. Some examples include: solving a Rubik’s cube, running, biking, and even when just changing your clothes! But have you ever tried to cook without following its recipe, or to assemble a bike without relying on the manual? It might be possible, but it would be hard, and time-consuming especially for beginners.

Every time we wake up in the morning, we execute daily routines like when to turn off the alarm, fix our bed, take a bath, eat our meal, brush our teeth or go to school/work. If we analyze those daily activities, we can see logical patterns in them; to be more explicit, we call them “procedures,” “processes,”  or “instructions.” However, in the web development industry and in it’s behind the scenes, this computer term is known as “algorithm.”

Get to know the Algorithm

A computer is just a pile of metals, wires, some plastic and other resources which can’t perform anything unless it is commanded to do so. To work properly, and serve its purpose, it requires step-by-step instructions or user inputs. And most commands should be written in a language or program that a computer understands. Therefore, you must learn how to code because it tells the computer what to do.

Where do algorithms fit on this equation? The “how” part is where it takes place.

When done properly, algorithms can perform a series of processes, like take, identify and sorts inputs correctly to create outputs.


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