Adorable Examples of Newborn Photography to Get You Through the Week

Sometimes, you just need a great picture of a cute baby to make your day better…

There are a million and a half ways to make an eye-catching portrait. But when it comes to capturing portraits of babies, much of the photographer’s success will rely on just a few factors.

How the baby is posed, what they’re wearing, the angle of the camera, and props are among the most important factors in newborn photography.

As you’ll see in these adorable examples, these master photographers used one or more of these principles to generate some jaw-droppingly good newborn portraits.

Let’s have a look!


In this sweet shot, the photographer used props masterfully as a way to create a more impactful newborn portrait.

Not only does the basket offer a nice tonal contrast to all the white in the shot, but the fact that the handle of the basket helps frame the faces of the babies makes it that much more effective of a prop.

Note as well that when you use props in portraits that they should feel natural to the shot. In this case, the basket feels like an integral component of the portrait rather than a cheesy add-on.

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