8 Quick Ways to Transfer Photos From iPhone to iPhone

For many of us, the most precious data on our iPhones is the photo library. It’s what we’re most concerned about when upgrading to a new iPhone and what we’re most likely to share with other people. When you need to send pictures to a different iOS device, your iPhone offers a few different ways to do it.

We’ve split these methods into two categories: transferring photos from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, and transferring photos from your iPhone to someone else’s.

How to Transfer Photos From an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

When you upgrade to a new iPhone, Apple gives you a few different ways to transfer your photos from one iPhone to the other. The best method to use depends on how long you can wait to start using your new device, how fast your internet connection is, how much iCloud storage you have, and if you want to transfer everything or just send your photos.

When you transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone using one of these options, it will overwrite the photo library on the new iPhone. That means you shouldn’t use these methods if you already have photos on the new iPhone that you don’t want to lose.

1. Use Quick Start to Transfer Data

When you have a brand-new iPhone that isn’t set up yet, a Quick Start transfer is your most convenient option. Quick Start uses Wi-Fi to transfer all the data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone: apps, messages, settings, photos, and similar.

You can’t use either of your iPhones while the Quick Start transfer takes place, which could take an hour or more depending on how much data you have.

To start the Quick Start transfer, move your new iPhone close to your old one. Then follow the onscreen prompts to Set Up New iPhone and choose whether you want to Transfer from iPhone or Download from iCloud.

Using iCloud lets you use your iPhone again sooner, but is only a good idea if all your data is already synced with iCloud.

Quick Start Transfer information from iPhone

When the Quick Start transfer is complete, all your photos, apps, and other data will be ready to use on your new iPhone.


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