8 Best International Hockey Teams

1.  Canada

the birthplace of the sport, most nhl players are canadian, the most support for the sport, and we only have 6 teams in canada? americans don’t deserve such an amazing sport as we do, stick to their baseball or football, damn I’m so proud to be canadian!

About 60% of the NHL players are Canadian. Historically, Canada has won the most World Junior titles (16) and the most World Championship medals (47).
Presently, Canada is the 2 time defending men’s Olympic Champion, defending World Junior champion, defending World Champion and 4 time defending women’s Olympic Champion.
Enough said.

EH O CANADA GO… and how could you say there not… on top of having the best players… they just one the olympics… boys and girls (Y)

guys canada is the best hockey team ever they always win all the other teams suck canada is the best anyone who dosent think that you are all retards canadas the best and always will be!


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