7 Proven Methods for Increasing your Running Stamina

2: Endurance Training

Although sprinting is a crucial component of running, all athletes need strong endurance to maintain top speed for a competitive edge over fellow athletes.

If you can only accelerate at high speed for short periods, yet slow down after a few sprints, you are unlikely to achieve a great finish time.

A 2013 research study concluded that you can increase your running economy by combining longer interval training with high-intensity training. This can generate a marked increase in VO2 max levels [maximum oxygen levels that can be utilised during maximal exercise] and further boosts your endurance performance.

The way to build endurance for greater distance coverage is to practice running further.

Avoid the mistake of attempting to run further while running at full pace and increase your distance progressively by 5-10% each week.

3: Tempo runs

Tempo runs are similar to interval training, the main difference being that you don’t sprint as fast as in interval training.

Tempo runs challenge you to run beyond your normal speed for a steady period, not the quick burst of pace in interval training. Aim to breathe hard, rather than gasping for air.

The best way to put it is, tempo runs are “comfortably hard”. You would be able to speak, but not in full sentences.

We recommend performing tempo runs for between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your current fitness levels, progressing steadily as the weeks go by.

This will help your muscles get past your lactate threshold, enhance your endurance, allowing you to run faster for longer.

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