6 Jaw-Dropping Portraits to Inspire Your Week

It’s easy to look at portraits like the one above and think “I can’t do that.”

But no one ever said photography is easy!

If you take some time to learn a few skills, think purposefully about how you setup the portrait, and give your model a little direction, you’d be surprised at the results that are possible.

In the shot above, notice how the movement of the model’s gown totally elevates the shot.

Just adding a bit of a breeze to lift the gown and give the model a bit more visual interest is all this photo needed to go from a good shot to a great one!

So, that’s lesson one – incorporate movement into your photos to increase their visual interest.

Let’s take a look at a few more portraits to inspire your photography this week…

Think About Relationships


As we saw in the first photo in this article, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a portrait of a single subject.

But there’s something to be said for adding a second person into the shot, too.

In this case, adding the little boy to the shot allowed the photographer to focus not just on his gorgeous mom and her incredible wardrobe choices, but also on his relationship with his mother.

There’s a sweetness and a playfulness to this shot that exudes love and joy, and that’s not necessarily something that would have been possible had the image just been of mom.

If you want to increase the drama in your portraits, find a way to incorporate a loved one into a few frames. You’ll find that the results, like the one above, are truly eye-catching.

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