4 Tips for Stunning Newborn Photography

When it comes to maternity photography – well, any kind of portraiture – the goal is to make your model look amazing.

There are a million ways to help yourself do that, too.

But sometimes you just need a quick tip to help you get your creative juices flowing or you need an easy idea that has tons of visual impact.

I’ve got just those kind of tips below!

Use a Frame


Framing your subject is an easy portrait photography trick that helps direct the viewer’s gaze toward the model.

This trick works with any type of portraiture, including newborn photography.

Looking at the image above, notice how the chair perfectly frames the tiny subject but does so in a way that’s not in-your-face.

The sides and back of the chair cradle the baby, and the strong vertical lines of the chair’s legs help move our eyes up towards the newborn.

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