10 Tricks for Making Your Small Space Guest Friendly

Preparing for guests can be a fun experience. It means looking at a room from a new perspective and creating a feel that is both welcoming and homey. When you plan out your space, no matter how small, consider what features you’d like to see when staying away from home.

Follow the 10 tricks below to make your small guest space feel friendly.

Get Comfy Seating

Feeling comfortable can be difficult when there’s not a good place to sit. Assess your small guest space and decide where you can add some seating. Besides the bed, there should be at least one chair for someone to unwind in. For a small space, consider nesting furniture or a settee, which you can tuck into the corner. Don’t forget to add a small tabletop lamp nearby so guests can read or do crossword puzzles before bed.

Offer Some Privacy

Guests will feel uncomfortable if they have no privacy, like someone could be watching them. Even with a small space, you can take steps to ensure a guest feels like the spot is their own. If there’s no doorway, invest in an ornamental room divider that matches your home’s aesthetic. Choose coverings, like curtains or blinds, to allow guests control over who can see in through the windows.


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