10 Travel Essentials for On-the-Go Photographers

Packing your bag for a trip and can’t think of what you’re going to actually need? You’ll want to pack lightly while still bringing your travel essentials so we figured we would help you out. Here’s a list of all the things we find essential to bring with us on our photography adventures!

Camera Bag

This should go without saying, but it is the first and most important. You’ll need a durable bag, big enough in size to store all of your gear, but small enough so that you can carry it with you along your journey to wherever life takes you. Some great camera bag options include Herschel Supply backpacks, Think Tank bags, or the Peak Design messenger bags.



A camera is always necessary if you are a photographer, especially when traveling to a new location to shoot. Make sure you have high quality camera with manual controls and adjustable aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This will ensure your ability to make the perfect adjustments to get the most clear shots wherever you are.



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