10 IKEA Favorites Made Better by a DIY Paint Job

The IKEA name has come to represent smart, affordable furniture for homeowners and apartment dwellers of all ages. But with that popularity comes easy recognition; if you’ve outfitted your room in purchases from IKEA, it can feel like you own the same furnitur

Just Peachy


Painting Wood Furniture

To create the perfect entryway table, these homeowners transformed IKEA’s three-tiered console table using a saw and paint. Cutting off the bottom shelf freed up more room to stand boots and shoes underneath, and leaving the bottom third unpainted creates a trendy “dipped” look.

Glam Stools


DIY Bar Stool Makeover

One trademark of IKEA furniture, unfortunately, is that the legs of chairs and tables tend to be pretty standard—even boring. In this simple spray-paint DIY, Brenda took her inexpensive chairs and added a simple touch of sophisticated gold.


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