10 Exact Reasons Why You Should Run

On the definitive list of all-around amazing exercise activities, running ranks pretty highly. The practical benefits of running include its convenience and affordability, but from a health standpoint, it’s an effective way to keep both your body and brain in great shape.

3 Basic Types of RunningBenefits of Running

Of course, not all running is the same. There are many different ways to enjoy it, each of which can serve a unique purpose and provide different benefits.


This is probably the most commonly practiced form of running, in part because it’s the most doable. Kennihan defines it as running at a gentle pace slower than 6 mph (10 kph). “Typically, those [who] don’t enjoy running, or who aren’t going to be competing in any races, can get away with only jogging one to two times a week and still get health benefits,” she says. For people with minimal running experience, jogging can be a great way to get started.


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