10 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Your Health Without You Even Knowing

We all know about those bad habits that can wreck your health and cut your life short. Smoking, forgetting to floss your teeth — the list is so familiar, there’s no point in going back over it. But there are also everyday habits that are more hazardous to our health than we realize.

1. Wearing flip-flops

Flip flops

Flip flops can lead to painful sprains. | Eternalcreative/iStock/Getty Images

How could this warm weather staple be hazardous to my health? you may be thinking. For starters, they set you up for injury. “Flip-flops offer little support, and this predisposes one to injuries, (such as) sprains and fractures of the foot or other parts of the body,” Dr. Andrew Shapiro tells Thrillist. Plus, these open-toe shoes leave your feet susceptible to germs.

2. Holding in sneezes

Woman sneezing

By not letting your sneeze out, you’re harming your health. | Karinsasaki/iStock/Getty Images

You may think you’re being polite by not loudly sneezing. But this is actually harming your health, certified fitness specialist Jim White tells Men’s Journal. “Our sneezes move at up to 100 miles per hour, so holding it in, in extreme cases, can cause fractures in nasal cartilage, nose bleeds or even detached retinas,” he warns.

3. Washing your hair too often

Hair wash

This can strip the natural oils from your hair. | Esp2k/iStock/Getty Images

You may want to consider jumping on the dry shampoo bandwagon. As it turns out, it’s unhealthy for your hair to be too clean. ““A lot of times, (shampoo) actually strains natural oils from the hair and causes it to be more brittle,” White tells Men’s Journal. So having a little extra oil in your hair is actually a good thing.


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