10 Cheap And Exciting Backpacking Destinations


Want beautiful Mediterranean views, architecture, and culture without the expensive price tag you’ll find in Italy or Greece? Albania is a wonderful alternative, with just as many beautiful beaches, cities, and museums at a fraction of the cost. While more expensive than other locations in the world, it’s a great place to explore Europe and the Mediterranean without spending as much as you would in other countries. You can easily get there from the main hubs in Europe, and once there room will only cost you around $20 per night, and a cheap meal at a restaurant will only cost you around $5.


Costa Rica may be very English speaking friendly, but it’s increasing popularity as a tourist spot and retirement oasis have also caused prices to spike rather dramatically. Luckily, neighboring Nicaragua is the perfect alternative and offers plenty of Central American charm for backpackers without the hefty prices.

Even the most touristy towns only cost around $10 per night for a dorm room, and any number of the smaller towns more off the beaten track have plenty of hostels with even cheaper price tags. Typical South American fare will only cost you a few dollars each meal, making Nicaragua one of the best ways to explore Central America’s beauty while on a backpacker’s budget.

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