10 Cheap And Exciting Backpacking Destinations

Think traveling is out of your reach? There are plenty of places across the globe where you can easily backpack for just a few dollars a day, from Africa to Asia, while still experiencing authentic cuisines and amazing cultures. For the same price of an Ikea couch, you could spend 2 weeks water-skiing in Malawi, or hiking some of the world’s highest mountains in Nepal. Get ready to accumulate awesome backpacking experiences rather than things, and explore every corner of the globe without having to spend a fortune.


Yep, you read that correctly. Even though Thailand has evolved from it’s relatively unknown and off the beaten track destination into a country filled with all inclusive resorts (a backpacker’s true nightmare), there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy Thailand’s beauty and culture without the hordes or tourist- or overpriced drinks.

For the best way to enjoy Thailand on a budget, head to the northern regions and inland- basically anyplace away from a beach. There backpackers can still enjoy tropical oasis and breathtaking exotic sights while only spending a few dollars a day. If you’re willing to shack up with others, dorm rooms will only run you around $3 US dollars a night, and the truly affluent among us can enjoy a private bed and bath for a little over $5. The Thai food is just as cheap; authentic Pad Thai from right off the street might cost you $1 for a filling and unforgettable lunch.

While it still might cost you a bit to fly into Bangkok, wander around for a few hours and then take the train outta town; a ticket will only cost you $10-20, and you’ll be able to backpack around the rest of Thailand for only a few dollars a day ala backpacking style.

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