10 Best Place For Hiking In Canadian

Canada is the second largest country in the world, so you can only imagine the vast amount of territory there is to explore. These ten amazing hikes guide you through the beautiful landscapes of Canada providing close-ups of wildlife and some of the most spectacular views of mountains, glaciers and lakes. Head outside during your holiday – there is a hike for all tastes and abilities.

Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

Photo from Fundy National Park, Matthew's Head Trail

Image courtesy of Flickr user Andrea Shaffer; cropped from original shot of Fundy Trail

Southern New Brunswick offers the perfect opportunity to spend a day outdoors while you discover 16km of seaside beauty. Fundy Trail winds through one of North America’s last remaining coastal wilderness areas. This perfect retreat is open to both hikers and cyclists to explore. Take your time adventuring, as visitors quickly stumble upon stairways to private beaches, concealed waterfalls and cliffs displaying awe-inspiring views of the waters below. During your adventures at the Bay of Fundy, take a peak as the Bay fills and empties nearly 100 billion tonnes of water, creating the highest tides in the world; in some areas of the Bay, the waves reach more than 16 m.

Appin Road, Prince Edward Island

Hikers entrance to the Bonshaw Trials near the Alpine Road

Hikers entrance to the Bonshaw Trial along Appin Road in summer

If you are visiting Canada during the autumn, this is the number one hike to enjoy. The hiking trail lays under a canopy of various types of trees and vegetation, and you will be walking beneath autumn’s most vibrant colours. Appin Road ushers hikers through woodlands and farmer’s fields and is a quiet oasis off the beaten path. Located near the Island’s south shore, this peaceful hike is a wonderful way to experience the Canadian countryside.


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