10 Best Benefits Of Trail Running

First of all, there’s the mental benefits of running in the nature. Studies show that exposure to nature not only increases creativity and reduces stress, but may also lower levels of Interleukin-6, a harmful molecule associated with inflammation. The emotion you experience when you are in awe whilst running in the nature leaves you feeling more connected to the universe and can switch off your stress response, therefore reducing inflammation.

Mentally, you feel more energized, revitalized and engaged. Trail running expands your mind. It has that escape factor where you are forced to switch off from everything and be 100% present in the moment. Take our word for it: getting lost along forest paths, exploring mountain trails or flying over rocks on a steep downhill track, is an experience like no other. It takes the feeling of freedom and being alive that we experience from running to whole other level.

1. Improved Practical Endurance

While running on a treadmill keeps you working out on a flat, stable, consistent surface, trail running is variable. This is a great boost to your practical endurance and will work muscle groups you didn’t even know you had.

2. Increase Leg Strength

Trail running pushes your muscles in a variety of challenging ways.

Your muscles will grow and adapt to incline and decline running, and you’ll gain explosive speed from jumping up and off rocks and other natural obstacles.

3. Injury Prevention

The soft impact of the trails will decrease the pounding on your knees.

Although the trails can benefit runners seeking softer surfaces, you’ll need to avoid injuries caused by technical terrain.

4. High-Quality Air

Mountain running allows you to break free of the city pollution.

Your respiratory system will enjoy the fresh mountain air as opposed to the constant carbon monoxide emissions from every passing car.


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