10 Best Accessories to Help Improve Your Mobile Photography

Guaranteed to be the one camera that is always on you, your mobile phone’s camera may or may not be your camera of choice, but it’s better than none! Here are a few tips to help you use what you have, or whip your budding mobile photography hobby into better shape.

If you’re anything like me, throughout the day, your phone is constantly being juggled; it’s stuffed in a pocket on the way outside to walk the dog, held with a wallet upon entering the subway, slipped into a bag during your commute, and often misplaced at least once during your waking hours. Regardless of the level of protection your case offers, your mobile phone comes into direct contact with myriad dust- and bacteria-covered surfaces throughout any given day.

Keep it Clean

The first and easiest way to improve your mobile photography is to make sure the lens on your camera is free of dust, dirt, and smudges on the exterior element. Individually packaged Zeiss Moist Cleaning Wipes are safe and effective when it comes to wiping down your phone’s lens and screen. They come in packs of twenty and include a microfiber cloth that can be used after a moist cleaning wipe, or as a stand-alone method to ensure streaks and spots have been completely removed.


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